Brian and I started making photo Christmas cards our very first Christmas together as a married couple and have done them ever since. We put together a blog so that we could share all of them in one place and you can see how our family has grown. It is not our plan to keep up this blog throughout the year. Make sure you sign up via email (in the sidebar to the right) so when we do post, you get it right in your inbox. Thank you for stopping by and we wish you a very happy holiday!

Photo by Casey Holland, 2010

Photos by: Robert Donegan, 2013

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Year 7 - Have a Super Christmas

Inside top:
Inside bottom:

I came up with the super hero theme this year, but these cards are Brian's babies.  So it took him about a month to finally approve the idea, but then it was out of my hands.  I had originally envisioned capes and full-on costumes, but it really was much easier to not have to sew all that.  This card really came together with the help of some ridiculously creative friends of Brian's.  The photographs were taken by Casey Holland and I am truly grateful for the family photos that we got out of this.  We are terrible at taking photos together as a family and most of the time I am taking them of the boys and Brian so we ended up with some amazing keepsakes due to this card.  The photoshop work on our superhero photos was done by the incredible Justin Maller (I'll try to figure out how to save the photo in a different format so I can make it bigger) and then Casey designed the rest of the card.  Oliver, who used to hate having his photo taken, has turned in to a total ham in front of the camera.  His poses are amazing and often are on one foot and karate-like.  Miles just wanted to run in to the street.  

Photos by:  Casey Holland
Photoshop work by:  Justin Maller
Printing by: Direct Edge Media

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